Sleeper bench, River Linnet

Standing purposefully

Forgotten railway.

Copper rusted veins

Grey green lichen,

bearded uprights.

Channelled into another world,

peepholes to the riverbank.

Filling the sky

a willow wind.

Unmapped details

Xanthoria parietina.

Floating thoughts

Uncomfortable with the idea and restriction of my thoughts confined to box, they were released to the sky to be free. I was then able to progress on the urban quest to discover.


Jungle changing scale

Chromatic lichen

Peeling layers

Broken stones

Immersion revealed


Stormy weather confined us to basement camp.

Thoughts and process recorded in box. Whilst useful and pinpointed, it allowed me to refine ideas. Focusing on daylight breathing space I found solitude and inspiration in  a web and moss green crumbling bricks. 

However the process went against my natural urge to be free, floating from a to b to z and back to d. Confinement is an enemy to the therapy of the mind.

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