Unbuilt Studio is an evolving joint practice between artists and environmental educators, Stephanie Hartick  and Jac Campbell. We are looking to collaborate with the people, landscape and eco-systems of the east of England to gain a deeper understanding of the human relationship with the natural environment. Does a deeper connection and understanding of our surroundings at a local level lead to active engagement with global environmental debate and  questions around well-being?

This blog reflects the development of their artistic enquiry starting with a series of field notes recording experiences and potential for investigation.

Stephanie worked as a landscape architect for 15 years. Over the past 5 years she has been working as an artist with community groups developing workshops that raise awareness of the interaction of society and nature. In 2015 her project  ‘Landscape Patterns’ for Breaking New Ground  involved over 200 members of the public interpreting the landscape character areas of the Brecks.  Stephanie is currently developing and delivering work for mental health and well-being.

Jac is simultaneously baffled and fascinated by the everyday world and her art practice allows her to explore those questions that constantly niggle at the back of her mind. These generally relate to people, process and place. She wonders if art processes can open up environmental thought in new and playful ways.

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