Let DOG decide

Dog decides, turns right, artists visibly disappointed by dog’s choice. Dog turns left, artists relieved that dog has made best aesthetic selection.

Dog surges forward led by sense of smell. Nose to the ground. A fascination every couple of metres. Can’t stop, too many cars, dog pull on lead.

The park. A bench. Dog places ball under bench. Bench is vile. Rhymes with stench. Yellow grass circles green. Circle of urination. Butts define circle. Concentric circles, wasted patterns. Next to recycling bins. Cold day. Need somewhere to put stuff. Convenient place. Place to make art.

Some surprises. Lichen grows on recycled plastic. Furrowed texture supports growth. Cameras out. Underbench has micro-climate. Moss growth. Still more to find. Look deeper. Micro ponds in bench legs.

People pauses. Human interventions. Mud kicked onto wooden bench. New growth appears. Human story in landscape. Landscape as social record.


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