The Birch Chair

Kings Forest, Birch woodland near Dale Pond, TL 806 414

Weather: cold, sunny with a blustery wind

Today we took our remaining chair from the Tree Tales project out to the birch woodland near Dale Pond looking to capture the colours and textures of the trees. This chair would eventually join the Oak and Willow chairs, made by the children we worked with, and become a place to sit and tell tree stories.

The trees were still very bare today with the buds scarcely showing, last years leaves were turning to mulch mixed in with the oak foliage on the forest floor. We were intrigued by the bark colours, particularly the pale peach, something we hadn’t taken notice of before. The twigs thrown to the ground by storm Doris last week had a purple hue and we collected some of these for our first winter twig workshop next week.



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